Monday, January 9, 2012

Dena Burgers

Yes, Dena Burgers. Although they have just opened last year (2011), I have frequented this place at least ten times. If you ever decide to go, keep in mind that their Orange Grove Salad is a must try: it has the normal salad lettuce, along with walnuts, orange slices, and chicken breast slices on the top. Their sauce is what makes the salad THE salad though - never forget to put your sauce on if you decide to take the food to-go! I don't know what exactly the sauce is made of, but I do know that they use boiled wine plus a pinch of garlic.

Although I get the Orange Grove salad almost every time I visit Dena Burgers, yesterday, I decided to get Fish & Chips. The fish was absolutely amazing, and the fries were nice and hot. They do, however, have a little problem with water... They seem to have too much water available - is that weird? Well, first of all, I love ketchup with my fries, so naturally, I got ketchup. What did I squirt out? Thick tomato juice. I am 99% sure that they added water to their ketchup, and the 1% margin of error is for the chance that they just bought extremely low quality ketchup. Next, was a problem with the Sprite we got: it was soda water! I could swear that they put 25% sprite and 75% water in our cup haha. Luckily, the waitress/kitchen worker was very courteous, and gladly changed the drink for us, so we decided to get lemonade!! ...Again, they added water. I didn't really care anymore, since it might have been just 25% water that time.

445 E. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91104
Phone Number:

Additional info: Parking is very easy, as Dena Burgers is right in the market plaza. There are always empty seats, and even on the busiest days, you would find a parking spot in less than 8 minutes. Dena Burgers is never completely full, and you could go there dressed in whatever you want. Drop by if you want some warm Mexican food, but if you're not a great fan of watered-down drinks, don't come. The workers are courteous, but don't exactly seem to love their job. However, I can guarantee you that the owners are great! You can spend $8 here and be full enough to not have your next meal (which isn't healthy, by the way) ;)  Oh, and you absolutely must try the Orange Grove salad! If salads aren't your thing, I heard their spicy bacon and avocado sandwich is pretty popular too.


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